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"Little Blue"

13-1/2 " x 20" x 8" High

"Cabin #8" on Cabin Road,

Hunting  Island State Park, Beaufort, SC

Over the past decade, beach erosion has taken Cabin Road and the beachfront cabins on it…except for “Little Blue”, which survived simply because it was built on longer pilings than the other cabins.


It stood against the elements and became an iconic South Carolina structure and the subject of countless photos and paintings. It was dismantled in February, 2017.

The miniature Little Blue is built in 1/8" Scale on a base of compressed foam insulation. Water was formed with a hard shell of plaster-soaked paper towels. Additional plaster was added to define the waves, which were then painted with artists acrylics and glossed with clear acrylic gel medium. Breaking waves were formed using poly-fiber tufts.

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