Custom Business Card Holders

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Custom Designed Business Card Holders

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 "Cleveland St. Facade"

      Charleston, SC


#3 East Battery

 Charleston, SC

#3 East Battery.jpg

"Mount Buckmore"

"The Pie Safe"

#1 East Battery

 Charleston, SC

#1 East Battery.jpg

"Seeing Eye Wall"

Seeinmg Eye Wall.jpg

     "Mt. Buckmore" and "Seeing Eye Wall" are collaborations with Charleston artist Kris Manning

"Spam Wall"


"Facility Available"

Facility Available.jpg

"Room with a View"

Room With a View.jpg

"Wando Shrimp Company"

"Charleston Battery"  


   "School Bus Camper"

"Fireworks Trailer"

   "Adams Run Post Office"

" Carolina Rice Gate"

"Sharon's Baskets"

Finished (32).JPG

"Sweetgrass Basket Shack"

 "Little Blue" Hunting Island, SC  

 "Little Blue - Before the Storm"


"Lavender Lane" 

"Martha Lou's Kitchen

"Charleston Facade #1" 

 "Shop & Save Market"

"Charleston Doorway 1"

"Charleston Doorway 2"

"School Bus Camper" 

 "Tire City" 

"The Crab Shack" 

"Prioleau Street, Charleston"  

 "Charleston Courtyard" 

"Race Car Garage" 

  "E-Z Rest Motel" 

  Recipient of the "Judges Award of Merit", ArtFields 2016, Lake City, SC 


"Home Sweet Home" 

"Rainbow Motel"

"The Playland Arcade"

"Warehouse #1"

"Garage with Old Truck"

"Grand Entrance"

"Charleston Single" 

"Corner Garage"

"Big Dig"

"The Hallway"

"Urban Street"

"No Escape"

"Abandoned Gas Station with Tanks"


A 3-D replica of a painting by Fred Danziger

Fire Escape.jpg

"Fire Escape with Cat"

             4"x 5"