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I graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA) in Philadelphia and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania. After completing college, real life took over and I drifted away from any thought of a career in Fine Art. However, I always maintained a love of miniatures.

Dork Alert    

I’ve been building miniatures and all forms of plastic models for a long as I can remember and through the years always found time to build. 

After college I became deeply involved in the model car and model railroad hobbies and was an avid contest modeler, winning over 175 regional and national awards at model shows around the country.  Eventually I began writing construction and How-To articles for model car magazines. I also began writing a regular column in Scale Auto magazine. 

An intense me, somewhere around 1955.

During that time I was commissioned by

Kalmbach Publishing Company to write

a book (now out of print) on building

automotive dioramas.

The "Oakland Roadster Show Diorama"
        I built the structure; model builders
       from around the contry built the cars.
             On permanent exhibit at the
            Model Car Builders Museum,
                   Salt Lake City, UT.

The thought of breaking into the Fine Arts community had been on my mind for years. That opportunity presented itself in 2012 when Fred Danziger, a long time art school friend and successful Philadelphia fine artist, asked if I would like to share gallery space with him during one of his many solo exhibitions at the Rodger LaPelle Gallery in Philadelphia.  

Detail - "The Playland Arcade"
Detail - "The Playland Arcade"

That initial exposure provided the impetus for me to exhibit in group shows at the LaPelle Gallery and the Plastic Club in Philadelphia and the Art House Gallery in Manahawkin NJ during 2012 and 2013.

Business Card Holder built for the Lowcountry Artists Gallery. 

I retired from my “real life” job at the end of 2013 and shortly thereafter relocated to South Carolina, where I signed with the Lowcountry Artists Gallery in Charleston. Since then I have exhibited in "ArtFields" 2016 thru 2018,a juried city-wide art event in Lake City, SC, where I was awarded a Judge’s Award of Merit for the “E-Z Rest Motel” in 2016.  I was also invited into a group show at the Center for Contemporary Art in Columbia, SC.  I continue to display work at the Lowcountry Artists Gallery while developing new ideas and building new miniatures.

The "E-Z Rest Motel" is currently on exhibit at the Vendue Art Hotel iin Charleston, SC

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